Gemstone Astrology and Consultancy

Gemstones are the integral part of Vedic astrology from the ancient times. Gemstones are generally prescribed by the Vedic astrologers as a remedial measure for removal of the ill impact of a malefic planet or to enhance the beneficial impacts of a benefic planet.
After thorough analysis of your Vedic horoscope, our celebrity astrologers will prescribe you the suitable gemstone as well as the other important factors like suitable weight, appropriate finger in which one has to wear the gemstone,   appropriate day for wearing it and  other important details    
To cater you in the best way, we have following reports prepared by the team of our celebrity astrologers after the comprehensive analysis of your Vedic horoscope which is prepared on the basis of the birth data provided by you.

Comprehensive Gemstone Report
Get the comprehensive report consisting all the suitable gemstone, recommended gemstone and gemstones which are harmful for you and you should never wear.
    Comprehensive Report      
     Rupees 1050      $21
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