Horoscope for May 2017

Horoscope for May 2017

Horoscope for May 2017 promises to bring a lot of bright and pleasant events. Every zodiac sign representative having lived through the severe month of April fairly peacefully, the end of this spring will make it possible to continue the systematic movement towards your previously set goals. If you've lost faith in yourself overcoming the problems of the past month, you'll have to spend the whole moth of May 2017 restoring your emotional balance. However, once your life finally goes back on track, a new brilliant idea will pop into your mind and you will do everything possible to make it a reality right away. 

The first decade of May will be marked by certain echoes of the April events. If a month ago your family began to fall apart, at this point you will be surprised to notice that your second half gradually begins to take steps to reconciliation. The romantic atmosphere of May will contribute to this reconciliation, as well as long weekends, which you are all used to spend together at picnics and somewhere outside the city. In short, your marriage will gradually get back to normal, and all the misunderstandings that arose between you and your partner will remain in the past. May of 2017 promises single representatives of various zodiac signs not just one, but several chances to start a passionate romantic relationship. You will just have to choose to whom of the dozens of pleasant representatives of the opposite sex you'll want to devote your attention. 

The second decade of May will force every zodiac sign representative to focus on the financial aspect of life. At this point many people will realise, that it is extremely unreasonable to allow themselves unnecessary spending on the verge of summer holidays. However, the month of May will make it possible only for the most "heroic" representatives to enter the mode of austerity (a great obstacle on this way, though, will become good old countryside picnics, endless entertainment events and other relatively expensive "attributes" of May). Anyone involved in business will have to constantly rush their careless staff, that is unwilling to work properly. You will act as a very tough boss, ready to fire someone for the slightest tardiness or other minor fault. And then a sudden memory will pop up in your mind, about the time when you yourself were in the status of a humble employee. Upon analysing that the month of May has really little motivation to working process, you will stop being so hard on your subordinates. 

The last decade of May will make many people think that the beach season is coming, which means that it is time to urgently think about their looks. Unfortunately, this desire will become a reality only for those people, who are ready to have a light salad at the out-of-town picnics, washed down with a non-carbonated "mineral water" ... Everyone else (fans of fatty meals "accompanied" by alcohol) will have to make friends with their excessive weight. In general, the well-being of most people in May 2017 promises to cause no trouble.

Horoscope for May 2017 for Aries

Horoscope for May 2017 AriesHoroscope for May 2017 does not promise people born under the sign of Aries any bright or memorable events. Gradually solving all the April issues, you'll also get a chance to take a breather. You will decide to devote this rather monotonous and dull period to taking care of yourself (it is quite possible that by the end of spring you will completely transform, invoking admiring looks of your friends and acquaintances). 

May of 2017 promises to be for Aries representatives a surprisingly smooth and harmonious time. You will notice that others have become much kinder to you, and your appearance at all events is accompanied by tremendous enthusiasm. May will make you feel the burning desire to spend less time at home, and you will begin to visit various cultural events a lot more often. At one of such events you will be able to meet a very interesting person. If you are single and want to start a passionate romantic relationship, take a closer look at your new acquaintance (this person has every chance to become your soul mate). If you are already married, you will have to say "no" to your sensual attraction aroused by this new person in your life. If you value your family relationships, if you do not want to scold yourself for showing weakness, extinguish this sympathy flared up in your soul. Be honest not only with yourself, but also with this "forbidden" passion. Explain to this person that you are not on the same page, and that the only time you can be together is in the next life. 

May of 2017 will grant Aries-employees a chance to relax a little bit. You will look forward to holidays, in order to arrange a corporate celebration at first, and then abandon the city to enjoy some time in the country. Once the weekend comes to its end, you will be assigned to an urgent task. Spending a lot of time and effort, you will quickly cope with the assigned task, and will once again prove to your superiors that you are simply an irreplaceable employee. If you are working for yourself, you'll hardly want to be entertained during holidays. You will decide to take advantage of the situation (while your competing firms are on holidays, your company will continue to work as usual). This will help you to hit a solid jackpot and finally forget about all the financial issues of the past month. 

May 2017 promises to have a very beneficial effect on the health of Aries representatives. You will happily run towards the gentle rays of the spring sun, and these frequent walks will saturate your body with oxygen. You will start looking better right away, and your life energy will increase tremendously. The only thing that you should not allow yourself is to rely on a meagre meals, that you will unreasonably call a strict diet. 


Horoscope for May 2017 for Taurus

Horoscope for May 2017 TaurusHoroscope for May 2017 predict that each Taurus representatives will find a unique occasion for infinite delight. The end of this spring will be marked by a significant increase of your creative component, which will be manifested in all aspects of your life. You will begin to spread around your creativity, that you yourself will be calling new brilliant ideas. Some people might be discouraged by your creative innovations, others will experience shock at their incredible amounts. At the same time you will hardly interested in the opinions of others (you will continue to do everything that makes you feel positive, even in the face of angry criticism). 

Everything happening in May in the personal lives of Taurus representatives can be described as a complete mess. If you are not married yet, you will want to fully enjoy a high popularity among the opposite sex. As a result, you will gather around you a whole army of enthusiastic fans, or admirers ready for any sacrifice. Moreover, each of these people will assume that they have the potential to become your second half. May suggests married Taurus representatives to focus on some unusual family project. It is quite possible that you will want to implement some new design ideas with your bare hands, or create a unique reproduction of some painting, or go with airbrushing, having zero understanding of the process' technology. Your beloved ones will at first resist these initiatives, and then will just ignore your new outburst, allowing you to create and experiment. 

Though May experiments of Taurus representatives will constantly face obstacles and hitches in the professional aspect of their lives! If you work for some company, your boss will resist the implementation of your proposed innovations long and hard. Eventually, your boss will decide that the new ideas might help the company. You will receive a "green light" to realize your ambitious project, and will prove to everyone that this experiment is really a genius idea. If you are involved in your own business, the only obstacle to the introduction of new ideas into your own business, would be a catastrophic shortage of finance. It is quite possible that the month of May will force you to once again go to the bank to get credit for your enterprise development. The end of the spring will not make it clear what outcome your experiments have, although a positive trend of all these expensive innovations will be outlined quite clearly. 

The health aspect of Taurus representatives in May 2017 promises to cause little trouble. From time to time you will catch yourself thinking about "implementing" sports and proper nutrition into your life. At this point, these plans are not going to become a reality, and that's why your "diet" will continue to consist of giving up your favorite cakes for two days, and your "sports" will be a leisure walk in nearby park.


Horoscope for May 2017 for Gemini

Horoscope for May 2017 GeminiHoroscope for May 2017 leaves Gemini representatives no chance of peaceful and quiet life. At the end of this spring your life will remind a "roller coaster." At first you will climb up, gasping with delight, and then will as quickly return to the starting position. Simply put, all the victories and achievements in the month of May will be solely short-term. Take into consideration this fact, and then the inevitable frustration will not seem so harsh for you. 

The personal lives of Gemini representatives in May will not be marked by significant tranquility. First of all, you will have to live through a fight with your best friend. Fortunately, you and your friend will quickly realize that the dispute that erupted under the influence of alcohol, should be immediately eliminated. If you are single and dream of finding a loving person, the end of this spring suggests you to give up attempts to start a new romantic relationship with someone you've known for a long time! These experiments will end rather badly (in the best case scenario, you and your friend of the opposite sex will simply stop talking to each other; and at worst, you will become sworn foes). Married Gemini representatives will dedicate the month of May to elimination of domestic "civil strife". You'll have to act as a link in a conflict that breaks out between some of your family members. The worst thing id that you and your spouse will appear in the "opposing" camps, that's why you will be interested in putting an end to this "bloodshed" as quickly as possible. 

The financial aspect of Gemini's life in May, oddly enough, will not be exposed to sudden outbursts. If you work for a company, the end of spring will not be marked by a dramatical change of the situation at your work place. You will continue to diligently perform your duty, dreaming of a promotion. At some point you might even think that your career is finally beginning to develop, but unfortunately, it will be only an illusion that will soon completely disappear. Gemini representatives working for themselves will feel a long waited relief in May. You'll be happy to know that you've managed to establish a proper goods circulation, you have reliable business partners, and your entire staff consists of real experts. And in that moment, when you decide to relax a little, your new competitors will suddenly pop out of nowhere! Yes, you will once again have to defend yourself on all "fronts", forgetting about peace and relaxation all together... 

A bunch of health related issues will be a natural result of exhausting May 2017 for Gemini representatives. You will feel like a squeezed out lemon, or as a fighter returning from the battlefield barely alive. Restorative procedures will become a real salvation for you. Take a course of massage, start doing yoga, learn some breathing techniques or find another activity that promotes relaxation. 


Horoscope for May 2017 for Cancer

Horoscope for May 2017 CancerEach Cancer representative should take the horoscope for May 2017 as a very important clue. If you spend the next four weeks in the shadows, allowing events to evolve without your intervention, your life will gradually get back to normal, all the problems will be over, and you will finally be able to sleep peacefully. But! In case, you allow yourself to rush into things, make fuss about everything, worry without any reason, and make attempts to turn the situation to your advantage, you can expect a complete failure, nervous breakdown and other problems. 

A complete mess will reign over the personal lives of Cancer representatives at the end of this spring. You will no longer understand yourself, thus you will want your beloved ones to exactly guess your wishes. Anyone, who does not obey your momentary impulses will immediately regret their decision! Needless to say that very few of your friends in May will want to volunteer to be the victims of this home-grown tyranny. You'll be left alone with yourself and will decide once again to look for your second half. But how can a person, who hardly knows what he or she wants out of life, build relationships? Once a new cute representative of the opposite sex appears in your life, you will start behaving like a spoiled child, thereby killing any chance of getting closer with that person. If you are already married, May of 2017 suggests you to try to do everything possible to avoid turning your warm family home into a cold piece of ice. Indulge that someone special, with whom you have linked your fate, forgive them small "sins", and then there is a great chance that your family life will get back to normal as well. 

Mid-spring will make Cancer-employees feel as if the time has stopped completely. You will not experience any career development, or an increase of your usual income. You with hardly be able to raise money for the planned purchase, and at this very moment you will decide: "That's enough, it's time to think about a more promising work." At this point you will stay at the same job, and continue with a proper every day work. At the same time, you will start spending more and more of your free time watching new job openings. It is quite possible that you will update your CV and send it to a potential employer. May 2017 will force Cancer-entrepreneurs to show remarkable resilience of character. You will need to quickly eliminate major problems with your staff, seek new investors or determine where to sell the finished product. All these questions will fall down on you like an avalanche of snow, but you will be able to find the strength to dismantle this dam and continue to promote and develop your business. 

It's a paradox, but not the most balanced month of May will have little effect on Cancer's health. At this point your well-being cannot be marked with an "A", but rather with a solid "B-", though even this won't prevent you from devoting some time to yourself, your looks and shape. As a result, by the end of this spring you will be able to noticeably change (perhaps this is something that will fill you up with strength and energy).


Horoscope for May 2017 for Leo

Horoscope for May 2017 LeoThe horoscope for May 2017 has prepared for Leo representatives a lot of pleasant surprises. It will take just four weeks, and your life will be transformed significantly. You will be a lot more confident, relaxed, and much bolder (in general, you will gain all the features of a successful person). Of course, you will escape from such a disease as conceit! Refrain from self-admiration, learn to respect you beloved ones, and then you will find that the taste of victory is much sweeter. 

The personal lives of people born under the sign of Leo, promise to bring them only positive events. Your old friend, who you have not seen for many years, will visit you. You will want to show your friend all the sights of the city, but this cultural event will end up in a nearby bar. If you are single, be thankful that Lady Fate has sent you a visit from an old friend! At that very moment when you will be celebrating the long-awaited meeting, a person, that you have dreamed of since childhood, will appear in your life. Your newly-appeared Prince (or Princess) will immediately respond to your feelings, and there will be no obstacles to the start of your whirlwind romance. Already married Leo representatives or the ones in a long-term relationship, will be celebrating a happy meeting with an old friend together with their second halves. Your friend will appreciate your choice of a life partner, and this moment will make you take a new look at your beloved one. It all will remind you of bright feelings that you have experienced every time glancing at your soul mate in the early stages of your relationship. These memories will revive the passion in your soul, that has recently turned into a habit. 

May 2017 predicts not even the slightest failure in the financial aspect of Leo's life. If you have noticed in the past that your earnings have started to slowly but steadily grow, the end of spring will make this trend even more apparent. Assessing your ‘budget', you will realize that the last weekend spent on extracurricular part-time work has not been in vain. Noticing that the amount of savings you currently have exactly corresponds to that long-awaited purchase, you will go and make this expensive purchase. Your joy will be endless, since in just a few days the price of such a commodity will rise significantly! Leo-entrepreneurs will enjoy the fruits of their earlier efforts throughout the whole month of May. The advertising campaign of your firm will be a tremendous success, and you will notice that the demand for your products has increased significantly. 

May 2017 will bring Leo representatives not even a single reason to worry about their health. You will be able to quickly switch between your personal life and work related issues, finding the time to visit a beautician and doing some sports. As a result, by the end of this spring you will achieve the intended goal (you will be much slimmer, and not only the scale will tell you that, but also the admiring glances of the opposite sex).


Horoscope for May 2017 for Virgo

Horoscope for May 2017 VirgoHoroscope for May 2017 warns people born under the sign of Virgo, against taking hasty steps and making hasty decisions. Over the next four weeks stars will bestow upon you several chances to make fundamental changes in your life. Do not rush into making any decisions, until you thoroughly evaluate all the pros and cons of this or that "reform". 

May of 2017 will bring a lot of changes in the personal life of each Virgo representative. If till the end of this spring you've been complaining about the lack of friends, at this point your life will be filled with a lot of interesting people, that will be ready to build a friendly relationship with you. However, do not rush into getting close with just anybody! There's a great risk that there's someone among your new acquaintances, possessing evil intentions. If you trust this person with everything that is dear to you, the consequences of this friendship will remind a "raider seizure" or an act committed by Judas. If your main goal is to find a soul mate, the month of May does not suggest you to blindly believe everything you hear. Beautiful courtship, a sea of flowers and gifts is not an excuse to start a new romance forgetting everything! Take a closer look at each candidate for the role of your second half, and only then decide whether this or that person is suitable for you. Married Virgo representatives will not have to choose someone or worry about something that much. The only trouble of this May for you will be a tense relationship with some of your relatives. Considering that this person is rarely seen at your home, you can easily pull the plug on this problem (it is quite possible that the offended relative will gradually shape up and forget about the quarrel). 

Financial and career aspect of Virgo's life in May 2017 will become a tangled maze. If you are an employee of a company, the end of this spring will force you to make a quick decision - either to get a new job, implying a higher income, or leave everything as is. The choice is yours, however, analysing the situation, make sure to take into consideration such moments as: will it be easy for you to establish a good relationship with a new team, and will you have an easy access to a new job? Do not forget about your former colleagues. Suggest your friend co-worker to move to another company together with you. If he agrees, adjusting to the new place will hardly be that difficult. Virgo-entrepreneurs will have to decide whether to expand their business at a time of tough economy. If you do dare to take risks, keep calm and be patient, since in May you might not yet understand whether these innovations become a success or lead to a failure. 

In general, May of 2017 will not cause a lot of trouble for the health of Virgo representatives. If you have not started drinking vitamins yet, this is the time to raise the issue on the agenda. There will also be no harm if you protect yourself in advance from allergies to flowering herbs (stars recommend you to give up on any experiments in this area, it is better to check this matter with your doctor).


Horoscope for May 2017 for Libra

Horoscope for May 2017 LibraStudying their horoscope for May 2017, Libra representatives will be surprised where and why has their April tranquility vanished? The end of spring will make your life burst its banks and turn into a raging uncontrollable stream. Waking up in the mornings, you will not know in advance what to expect at any point of your life. Do not be afraid and do not worry, since everything destined to happen to you in May will be of a positive nature. 

Living through the spring of 2017, Libra representatives will not even notice how their personal life turns into a rather intricate melodrama. If you are single and ready to start a new romance, May will swallow you with a whirlwind of interesting trips, unusual acquaintances, every single one of which will have a touch of romance. You might be surprised why the opposite sex has suddenly taken such a passionate interest in you. Do not look for the answer to this question, since literally everything comes to life in May (including the sensual attraction). Do not try to extinguish your new growing sympathy, flared up by a certain person. Do not blame yourself if you realize in advance, that your relationship with this person, based solely on passion, will end very soon. You have the right to enjoy the pleasures of this love, even if this feeling reminds animal instincts. Married Libra representatives will spend the month of May not a tiny bit calmer. At some point you will feel that your beloved one does not arouse that much interest in you. You will start looking around, mentally comparing your soul mate with other "objects" of the opposite sex. As a result, you will be able to make a great discovery - your spouse wins in this comparison, and a lack of desire towards your soul mate is caused by ruthless routine and a habit of spending much time together. 

The financial aspect of Libra's life in May 2017 will be marked by fundamental changes. If previously you have been constantly worried that your income is barely enough to cover essential expenses, the next four weeks will change the situation for better. If you work for a company, your budget will start growing as soon as you take up on a part-time job, or get a second one. If you are involved in your own business, your significant success in May will be applauded even by your old competitors! Earlier this month you will implement a number of major reforms at your company leading to an immediate start of a steady income growth. No need to explain how it became possible...Others do not necessarily need to know, that for your own benefit you have canceled awards to your own staff or somewhat reduced the salary of these people, promising them to go back to the usual size of the salary as soon as the crisis is gone. 

Libra's health in May 2017 is not expected to undergo severe tests. If some time ago you've worried that a chronic disease will once again take up on an acute form, at this point all those fears will disappear. However, this does not give you the right to abandon planned examinations by health professionals! 


Horoscope for May 2017 for Scorpio

Horoscope for May 2017 ScorpioHoroscope for May 2017 does not predict the people born under the sign of Scorpio any "large scale" problems and troubles. Your life will finally fall into its place, and you will realize how nice it is to go to bed without having to worry about anything. Not surprisingly, that enjoying such a harmonious period in life will force you to try to implement some major personal project (changing the image, taking care of yourself, or writing a book). 

The personal lives of Scorpio representatives in May 2017 will be marked by a complete tranquillity, which will only occasionally bedevilled by a slight breeze called "minor troubles". Earlier this month you will not be able to agree with some of your old friends, but this unfortunate incident will resolve itself at a rather early stage. If you are not bind by marriage, do not miss the opportunities that will appear in front of you. During a trip to unfamiliar places you will find a very attractive person of the opposite sex. Getting to know this person a little closer, you will realize that perfect looks is not their only virtue! At this point you won't be able to start a new romantic relation, since you and your new passion will be separated by many kilometres, but you will do everything possible to make your feelings overcome the obstacle of distance. Married Scorpio representatives will be filled with delight in May, watching the pleasant changes in their personal living space. Once your recently launched fundamental house repair works (refurnishing, thorough cleaning) will come to its logical end, peace and harmony will settle down at your place. Your significant other will start to bring up less and less often your recent disagreements, and that's why there's nothing preventing you from starting to discuss the plans for the next vacation. 

Career and financial aspects of Scorpio's life in May also are not expected to cause any big trouble. If you work for some company, the end of this spring promises to bring you every chance to significantly develop your career. All that is required from you to achieve this is to make friends with colleagues. It is a professional tandem with people, who are well-versed in the matters of official business, that will open the door in front of you, which you could not get through for so many years. Scorpio representatives working for themselves, will realize in May that they really need decent companions. You will immediately start searching for people able to become reliable partners for your business. Lady Luck will certainly smile at you, and in the second half of May you will sign a very lucrative contract with a large successful company. 

The end of spring is expected to bring Scorpio representatives not a single reason to be concerned about their well-being. Your energy potential will be rather high, and all nervous disorders and other troubles will remain in the past. The only thing you should pay attention to is that pursuing your desire to get into shape as soon as possible right before the beach season, refrain from gruelling physical exercises. 


Horoscope for May 2017 for Sagittarius

Horoscope for May 2017 SagittariusSagittarius representatives will perceive the horoscope for May 2017 as a call to action. If your life has had an ambitious goal for a long time, that you couldn't have reached for some reason, the end of this spring will eliminate all the obstacles standing between you and your goal. The only thing that can interfere with your plans is the lack of confidence in your own abilities, as well as a tendency to look for the catch, even if there isn't one at all. In short, your success in May depends solely on you and on your willingness to act without delay. 

The personal life of Sagittarius representatives in May 2017 will not receive their required attention. You will refuse to participate in the affairs that relate to you only indirectly. For this very reason you will not be helping your friends, involved in some new project. Instead, you will focus on what is happening in your own soul, and at some point you will realize that to be completely happy you need someone special in your life. You will start looking for a hero (heroine) of your potential new romance literally everywhere. These searches will have a moderate success. Every new candidate for a place in your heart will have a major flaw, and this excessive criticism from your end will not give you a chance to get closer with anybody. Married Sagittarius representatives in May will behave rather snobbish, requiring undivided attention from people around them. With this approach all your requests will be met with a categorical "No, you know best how and what to do, what do you need our help for?!" When you get bored of becoming persona non grata again and again, you will make the only right decision in this case (cease to dwell on yourself and choose a more sensitive attitude to your beloved ones). 

Though your excessive ambition and a healthy selfishness will become the best assistant for Sagittarius representatives focused on their career development. With every step you take, you will become closer to your cherished dream - to the position that you secretly think should have been yours for a long time already. Your gruelling work, your endless hours of effort will finally bring a positive result, and at the end of May you will finally hear the sacred words from your superior, "I think it's time to think about your transfer!" The end of spring has prepared a few pleasant surprises for sagittarius-entrepreneurs. First of all, you will notice that the growth in sales of your products is constantly increasing and becomes more noticeable, making you think about expanding your company. The expansion of business is of course, a very complex issue, and it will require quite some effort from your end, but you will overcome these difficulties enjoying the fact that your business is developing so rapidly. 

May of 2017 will be marked for Sagittarius representatives by their careless attitude to their own health. Fortunately, your body will not give the slightest hint of failure, however, an additional ratio of vitamins and mineral complexes at the end of spring will be quite a justified step for you. 


Horoscope for May 2017 for Capricorn

Horoscope for May 2017 CapricornHoroscope for May 2017 for people born under the sign of Capricorn is not expected to be rather eventful. The next four weeks will make you firmly protected from any kind of worries, though any large-scale victories, fundamental changes and bright emotions are also not expected in your life. Yes, the end of this spring is unlikely to surprise or please you with anything, but this will be the main "advantage" of this period (relax, take a break, get involved in preparations for the beach season). 

All events in the personal lives of Capricorn representatives in May 2017 will follow a previously planned scenario. If some time ago pursuing a desire to start a new love affair, you've become acquainted with some interesting person, at the end of spring you'll be taking rather active steps towards getting closer to this person. Chances are that even at this point, having studied the characteristics of each other, you and your new passion will announce that you are now a couple. If you are married, all your efforts in May 2017 will focus on some major home design. You will continue to make repairs, make an expensive purchase, arrange a huge graduation party for your already child or invest money and time into another, not less important event. While all your thoughts are occupied by these troublesome chores, you and your significant other will refrain from conflicts and quarrels, which can flare up at any time on the routine basis. 

May of 2017 promises to be a rather favourable time for the financial aspect of Capricorn's life. Once again assessing your budget, you will come to the conclusion that the period of austerity you've started some time ago, is going to bring rather good results. At the end of spring with no loans and other debt obligations, you will be able to afford a very costly purchase. Yes, after that your "treasury room" will be empty, but even this fact won't be able to overshadow your joy. If you are working for yourself, stars do not recommend you to go and immediately "squander" all available finances. There is a risk that your business will require new investments in the second half of May. In order to avoid asking for bank loans, and then paying out insane interest rates, rely entirely on yourself. Postpone everything you have been planning to spend your money on, and invest these funds in your own business. 

May of 2017 will help Capricorn representatives to avoid their major illness (seasonal allergies to the flowering of some plants). You will generally like your own well-being at the end of this spring, and that's why you'll be proud to tell all your friends that from now on you are not going to get sick. To implement this plan you will need not that much, actually - catch every alarm of your body and take measures of assistance in time. 


Horoscope for May 2017 for Aquarius

Horoscope for May 2017 AquariusHoroscope for May 2017 strongly recommends people born under the sign of Aquarius, to show extra vigilance and caution. The end of spring will be filled with trouble, that will be chasing you here and there, interfering even in those aspects of life, where a surprising calm has always prevailed. However, there's no need to panic in advance, since worrying is not the best feeling at this point in your life. Calm yourself, believe in yourself and continue to move towards the previously established goals. 

The personal life of Aquarius representatives will acquire new properties in May. You will be surprised that your appearance at this or that event is always accompanied by conflicts and scandals. Scolding yourself for causing all these troubles, you might want to "barricade" yourself at your place, and focus on what you do best. It is quite possible that at this point you will remember your childhood hobby, and will start tinkering or entice a creative activity. If you are single, hardly anyone can enter your drab little world in May. Cutting yourself off from new acquaintances, you will only occasionally remember your latest passionate relationship and will feel sad for that special someone, who once has been considered your second half. The month of May will not give married Aquarius representatives a chance to enjoy their self-imposed isolation from the others. Once you express the attempts to be alone with yourself, plunge into your dreams, fantasise a bit or build plans for the future, your significant other will immediately appear with another "important" task. Well, reluctantly and without hiding your anger, you will carry out current domestic tasks, though once again running back to your cozy "shell" at the first opportunity. 

Career and financial aspects of Aquarius' lives promise to cause little trouble at the end of this spring. Periodically, you will be frustrated by the actions of your co-workers (their constant "help" or "lend some money until payday" will every time meet your categorical refusal). Why won't you help anyone with your actions or money? It's all because you will hold a grudge against these people, whom you yourself unsuccessfully asked for help with this kind of request just a little while ago. Aquarius-entrepreneurs will spend the month of May 2017 rather eventless. Your business will continue to develop at its usual pace, and you will just need to properly manage your finances and personnel. 

At the end of this spring Aquarius representatives will cease to complain about their health. Even your chronic disease will give you a break in May. However, do not forget how important the preventive measures of this disease are. Do not ignore the advice of your physician or, if you doubt his competence, find yourself another expert. 


Horoscope for May 2017 for Pisces

Horoscope for May 2017 PiscesReading the horoscope for May 2017, Pisces representatives will realize that for the next four weeks they won't be able to enjoy even the tiniest break. You will have to deal not only with your personal issues and business, but also take part in solving the troubles of your beloved ones. Exhausted of all this fuss, you will imagine yourself relaxing somewhere at the seaside. Unfortunately, at this point vacation will remain to be an impossible dream for you, though it is worth starting the preparations for the holiday. 

Peace and stability will abandon the private lives of Pisces representatives in May of 2017. If you are single, the end of spring will help you start not one, but two new romantic relations, which will take place parallel to one another. You are the only one to know how you are going to keep a secret from each of these relationships. It is quite possible that you will figure out a "schedule of meetings" with both admirers and will write it down in your personal diary. As a result, none of these people will know about each other, and you will only occasionally scold yourself for such a dishonest behaviour. Married Pisces will not be able to enjoy home harmony in May. More specifically, you will happen to spend so little time at home, that you won't even figure out whether this very "harmony" is actually present at your place. You will be a lot more interested in social life and endless problems of your friends rather than in family matters. As long as you are helping all your friends, your significant other will probably get bored. There's a high risk that your beloved one will once again get back to their bad habit (this is the price for your carelessness!). 

Career and financial aspects of Pisces representatives might also create a rather unstable situation in May. If you are an employee of a company, a major source of worry for you will be disappointing news - a planned reduction. Not wanting to get onto the list of people who are destined to join the ranks of unemployed, you will be working at your full capacity (maybe even a little more). Until the end of May your professional future will not become clearer, and therefore you will have to continue to monitor the situation. Pisces-entrepreneurs will be outraged by the appearance of new business competitors in May. The tiny company that you have never taken seriously, will suddenly become a real "business shark". Trying to defend your previously conquered positions, you will spend evenings and all weekends at work, continuing to mentally throw angry words at your competitors. 

When the month of May comes to its end, the nervous system of Pisces representatives will resemble the ruins of an old castle. Fatigue and chronic lack of sleep, coupled with the state of constant stress, will force you to stay in bed for a few days. However, if you follow all the recommendations of your doctor, the illness will quickly recede, and you will once again return to the usual rhythm of life. 


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