Life Predictions Astrology

Life prediction reports are the comprehensive reports covering every important aspects of your life. Our team of celebrity astrologers does the detailed analysis of your Vedic horoscope prepared on the basis of the birth data provided.
These reports are prepared after the close study of birth chart, navmansa chart and other charts as well as the strengths of planets, the transits of planets and major/minor periods of planets to provide you accurate Vedic predictions.
Life prediction report covers important aspects of your full life like business, career, money, health, love, marriage, children, education, vehicle, property and foreign travel
These reports are one of the most popular services of our site. This can be ordered for 5, 10 and for 20 years to get future predictions for the ordered period.
We offer following comprehensive Life reading astrology solutions for making your life prospects better:

Life predictions Astrology report
Get the life predictions report for coming years consisting detailed predictions for important aspects of your life. This report will be a guide for you for the coming years 

  Yearly report
 Rupees 700    $10

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