About Nakshatra Astrology and Astrologers

Upon getting divine blessings and inspiration from historical analysis and vital encouragement from the knowledge of Indian astrology, the company vxpapps and its web site  came into being-the vision being to serve one and all to find solution of difficulties and problems related to their lives.
It is a spiritual and religious organisation under which we imbibe and employ and enhance activities for the welfare of people for the last one-decade. In Nakshatra Astrology, there is a free consulting, rendered by Shri Monit Sharma towards problems and questions related to life and destiny.
Not only consulting is given to innumerable persons, the divine cure for ailments, ill destiny, adverse running of business, family troubles etc, is also freely and generously bestowed to the congregation through Shri Monit Sharma.
Nakshatra Astrology is launched with the purpose of extending the benefits of knowledge of Astrology beyond limits. The motto behind the total endeavor is to serve the mankind based on the principles of Indian Astrology. It is not only important what we offer for you, more important is what is meaningful and useful for you, a point on which we have kept a strict vigil throughout Nakshatra Astrology.

Our Office Address is :  Nakshatra Astrology
                                      115 Model Town
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